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Leadership and Management Training

Our leadership training programs support business and community leaders to confidently empower and influence their teams. Our approach, rooted in neuroscience principles, unlocks a deeper understanding of the mental processes behind human behaviour. This conscious mindset promotes improved thinking, paving the way for visionary leadership that achieves lasting results.  

Health and Well-Being Training

Create a thriving workplace culture that prioritises psychological safety, neurodiversity, and neuro-inclusive leadership by enhancing employee experiences.

Our health and well-being training nurtures an inclusive workforce by supporting individuals in their self-development or teams seeking better connections and collaboration.

Customised Training

Attivo’s training programs, workshops and short courses can be customised to your workforce needs needs. We regularly work with clients to create a program that will make an impact on the organisation and its people.


In less than an hour, we co-design an approach that addresses the training needs required to support a contemporary workforce. 

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Liz Nair, Director, Attivo Consulting - Canberra's Leadership and Management training provider