Attivo Consulting offers a range of services to uplift organisations and develop the potential of individuals or teams in the Government and private sectors. Browse below how we can transform your workplace.

Leadership and Management Training

Our leadership training programs support business and community leaders to confidently empower and influence their teams. Our approach, rooted in neuroscience principles, unlocks a deeper understanding of the mental processes behind human behaviour.

This conscious mindset promotes improved thinking, paving the way for visionary leadership that achieves lasting results.  


Neurodiversity. Inclusion and Psychological Safety Training

Create a thriving workplace culture that prioritiSes psychological safety, embraces neurodiversity, and facilitates inclusion by enhancing employee experiences. Our comprehensive training programs cater to individuals seeking both time-conscious and in-depth learning options, empowering organisations to cultivate a workforce that thrives with inclusion and safety at its core.


Strategic Consulting  Service

At Attivo, we specialise in strategic consultancy, partnering with clients to enhance organisational performance across five crucial pillars: culture, strategy, people, skills, and systems.

We uplift organisational effectiveness by using a three-step approach of defining, strategising, and taking action. We deliver transformative change and measurable results with flexible in-house or remote support. 






Our webinars are more than just informative sessions; they are immersive experiences designed to empower leaders to drive productive and successful businesses.

Navigating the pillars of neurodiversity, inclusion, and psychological safety, we offer actionable insights for creating a workplace that thrives on diversity.

Shaping leaders and futures through interactive and insightful discussions is what we love to do.

Customised Training

Attivo’s training programs, workshops and short courses can be customised to your workforce needs needs. We regularly work with clients to create a program that will make an impact on the organisation and its people.

In less than an hour, we co-design an approach that addresses the training needs required to support a contemporary workforce. 

Conferences and Events

We are experienced in hosting and speaking at conferences and events around the globe. 

As hosts, we curate dynamic events that promote collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation, creating spaces for meaningful connections. Our speaking engagements are tailored to conference and event themes.

We share insights, trends, and strategies that empower attendees to implement key actions in their workplace.  



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Liz Nair, Director, Attivo Consulting - Canberra's Leadership and Management training provider