We work with you to create business development solutions to inspire action and empower people.

We know business today is hard.

To win in a workplace where competition is fierce and change is a given, you need to be seen as someone who can help navigate the uncertainty and identify new opportunities on the other side.

Business growth is something many businesses strive for. 

Whether you are pursuing a lifelong dream, or in charge of expanding an existing business, let Attivo work with you to develop strategies to put your plans into reality. 

We work with you to uncover the right data to drive the right decisions. We collaboratively develop strategies using analytical, practical, collaborative, and strategic frameworks to drive change, new behaviours and ultimately business results.  




Get curious.  


Lets work together on a plan that is right for your people and your business. 


Watch your plan come to life as your people move from competent to confident.

Our services include:

Business growth planning – Unlock the big ideas you have and make them happen. This program includes identifying capacity and capability building to conquer your ultimate growth stage.

Commercialisation and business acumen opportunities – Is the ability to understand how your business operates and makes money from new revenue sources. 

Culture, change, and structure planning – Driving cultural change takes active and intentional leadership skills. We work with you to identify change opportunities while improving the cultural of individuals and teams. 

Leadership capability development – Our core leadership development programs focus on self-leadership and leadership of people. We get your leaders thinking differently about how they communicate, build trust and influence others, to support a strong team culture. 

Individual and team coaching – Book individual performance coaching sessions to motivate and inspire your people to be their best. Programs range from three months to twelve months in duration. 

Digital mentoring programs – This is a six month leadership development program working with industry leaders and professionals. Learning content is provided on an app, downloaded to your device. For large groups, the digital mentoring program can be customised to your workplace. 

Online challenges using applied technology – 7 to 30 day online challenges are designed to motivate and connect teams. The commitment is 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

Work with us and you will receive:

  • A business development growth plan you are proud of.

  • Clear goals and an actionable list of tasks that are manageable and measurable for individuals and teams to accomplish.

  • A culture of trust, shared values and empowered leadership from the top down and bottom up.

  • A team that understands how their work aligns with your business expectations.

  • Growth capabilities of your people in line with the business strategic direction.

  • A lifelong business partner and accountability buddy to watch you succeed.